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Our Expertise

We design homes at every scale. From private ressidences to large developments, we understand what makes a place feel like home. At each scale, we approach projects with the knowledge of who we are designing these spaces for: who will live in them and whose resources and well-being depend on the project’s success.


As a team with extensive experience in multifamily development, arketekcher is uniquely capable of guiding clients toward profitable and desirable projects. We collaborate with teams early in the process to help make informed decisions while keeping existing or future tenants in mind at every step. Design doesn’t need to be expensive, and as experts in affordable developments, we understand how to use budgets wisely to maximize quality.

Custom Homes

While designing custom homes for families, we place our clients at the focus of each decision. As the most personal form of architecture, home design requires over communication, careful budgetary tracking, and repeat goal setting. We engage early with families about their vision to ensure we understand their values, priorities, and individual design perspectives. We enjoy collaborating with families from all backgrounds to bring their dream homes to life.

Additions + Renovations

As people grow and change, their homes need to change with them. From interior renovations to full on additions, arketekcher welcomes the challenge of creating designs out of existing structures of all shapes and sizes. As we do with custom homes, we work closely with clients early to establish goals, set budgets, and ultimately create designs that will meet their needs

Accessory Dwellings

Sometimes the solution to meeting a family’s needs comes in a small, detached package! From she-sheds, to guest cottages, or even an auxiliary office for remote work, we welcome design challenges no matter how small. Small spaces require efficiency, flexibility, and dynamic functionality, and our experience working at this scale allows us to meet these challenges head on.

Pre-Design Studies

As collaborators, arketekcher believes in the value of starting our work early in the project development process. Understanding what is permissible and economically viable is an integral step to creating a feasible and ultimately succssful project. We have worked in dozens municipalities across the region, and can navigate complex zoning regulations, building codes, and approval processes. Our pre-design studies prevent surpises and changes, save on time and money, and can be utilized as a tool to attract investors, buyers or tenants.


We believe the concept of home extends beyond walls and into the communities where people live. Our work is rooted in the concept of shared experience, and each of our projects consider what uses would contribute to a community’s unique character. Whether it be for large scale master plans, mixed-use developments, or indiviudal amenities like education centers, medical facilities, or even restaurants, our consistent goal for our projects is to support and embolden the communities in which they exist.

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