Arketekcher is a full-service architectural practice focused on collaboration and communication on projects across typologies and scales.

We developed our practice with a simple purpose in mind: to be good people to work with, and produce great design for clients and communities.

We apply this purpose to a diverse body of work and approach each project with the belief that the relationships we foster - with clients, team members, and communities - are as important as the places and spaces we design.


We are passionate about our craft, pursuing our work with enthusiasm, dedication, and energy.

We prioritize integrity, truthfulness, and transparency in all interactions, with our clients, collaborators and project stakeholders.

We stay nimble and can change design direction or approach when a project calls for it.

We are inquisitive, open-minded, and excited by new ideas and approaches. 

We have a clear system in place to manage project tasks, resources, and information, which allows us to run projects smoothly and efficiently.

We follow a three step process that allows us to maintain our values, while guiding projects toward successful and sustainable outcomes.


We begin each meeting with a blank piece of paper and a pen, prepared to ask questions and to listen intently to responses. We never propose a design or solution without first hearing what is needed from us.


We prepare a thorough summary of what we heard. Information is often misheard or misinterpreted, but this step provides another opportunity to fill in the blanks.


Only once we truly understand the goals and our responsibilities, we advise on the best approach, design or solution.

From there, the process repeats!