Arketekcher at NYC Climate Week: Women-Led Entrepreneurship Panel

September 2023

To kick off Climate Week, our partner Madeline Clappin sat on a panel of entrepreneurs whose companies are focused on addressing climate concerns from all angles: from recycling hard-to-recycle waste, to increasing access to electric car chargers, to automating community solar projects using AI and, of course, promoting green design in the built environment.

The panel explored ways to promote innovation in the green economy, elevate women entrepreneurs, and tackle increasingly dire climate issues. One approach Madeline highlighted, and one we wholeheartedly practice at Arketekcher, is reframing competitors as collaborators to increase innovation and opportunities for startups:

“Instead of looking at “competitors” as competition, or as people you stay away from or can’t talk to, we treat them as a potential collaborator and people we can learn from.”

Sharing ideas with others isn’t a threat, it’s an opportunity.
Watch the full panel here!