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Our Process

Our proven three step design process of Listen-Summarize-Advise ensures that we comprehend the ongoing and everchanging goals of our clients and stakeholders before we produce design solutions to address them. It allows us to stick to our core values, while guiding projects toward successful and sustainable outcomes. 


We begin every meeting with a blank piece of paper and a pen. We are always prepared to ask questions and to listen intently to clients’ or stakeholders’ responses. We never push a specific design or solution without first understanding what is needed from us.


After we listen, we dedicate time to summarizing what we heard. This step is crucial because so often needs are misheard or misinterpreted. Repeating what we heard back to the messenger provides another opportunity to fill in the blanks.


Only once we truly understand the goals and our responsibilities, will we advise on the best solutions.

And from there, the process repeats!

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